27 Creative Uses For Jars And Recycled Bottles

Everywhere we look now we can see every kind of fun, festive, and interesting way to use jars and recycled glass bottles. The ideas are endless.  I have had fun collecting pictures across the web to show you.  These are just some of the photos I found.  After you look at all 27 ways to use your jars and recycled glass bottles you will surely to be inspired to try something on your own!

Beautiful blue mason jars filled with spring blossoms.

Nautical Cottage Blog


An eclectic collection of jars and bottles used as vases.

A Beach Cottage


Casual glass canisters used for flowers add just the right touch to this casual summer table.

Country Living

Spray paint the outside of your canning jars for a fun and charming vase.

Joy’s Hope

Add printed labels and use as bath accessories.

Country Living

Another way to paint and decorate recycled jars then placed in a window to reflect light

Pretty Handy Girl

Show off collections of small objects in jars and turn them into art in your home.

Country Living


Cover tops of jars with cupcake liners, for a fun and festive idea.

Better Homes and Gardens

Spray paint the inside of leftover food jars and use for everyday items.  These yummy colors make you smile.

Impressed Inc

Use jars in the kitchen for the vintage pantry feel, and show off your foods in attractive ways.

Country Living


Cover jars with recycled sweaters for a winter accent to your home.

DIY Crafts

Individual covered drinking glasses made from fruit jars? How fun is that?

Edible Crafts

Another fun party drink glass. These would be perfect for any summer party.

Embellished Weddings

Organize with jars in creative ways.

Good Housekeeping

A great way to store your yarns, strings and ribbons. Home Made Simple

A fun and festive party accent.

Embellished Weddings

More painted jars give a beautiful hue to any table setting.

Martha Stewart

Collect a unique array of shapes of jars and it will add interest to your collection.

On Sutton Place

A light made from canning jars?  Who knew.

Pottery Barn


Sweet covered jars that can be used for anything.

Pottery Barn Kids

A beautiful collections of vintage perfume bottles are sweet and romantic.

Redesigned Interiors

Classic uses of clear jars and white candles. Nothing could be more simple and elegant.

The Craft Begins

How about frosted glass jars.  This would be a fun project to try!

Two Ring Studios

mason jars on mantleA fun summer time mantle idea using vintage canning jars, and milk glass vases! The Casabella Project

Perfect for any occasion and so easy on the budget!

Occasions Online

Love this idea of wrapping jars with string.  The ideas here are endless.

Design Mom

Any found objects can become art in your home by displaying in clear glass jars.

Country Living

Go have fun collecting and gathering your jars around the house. Scour the garage sales, and flea markets for interesting jars and bottles.  Fill them, paint them, group them and have a great time using these common everyday items in new and interesting ways!

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  1. says

    Hi, Ohh I love all these ideas. Mason jars are so inexpensive and with a little paint, yarn, or a votive inside can make a super fun statement. I’m going to bookmark this collection!! Thank for collecting and sharing.

  2. says

    Ummm….I love ALL of these!! I especially love the painted jars! I definitely want to try that! I also LOVE the tables with all of the different sized jars with the candles in them!! Sooo cute!!

  3. says

    I love this post. We live in New England and are masters of making something out of nothing. We use to go to the country store and browse and then say “We can make that at home.” Especially love the pint sized mason canning jars with the calico wrapped around. So, so cute. Thanks for the inspiration!!!
    Sarah Beals

  4. judy graham says

    I need help, I want the outside of my home to look like a little cottage. I have tan siding, burgendy shutters, a green door. Two pieces of gingerbread trim over the porch, window planters. But still just looks like a house. Need something–something. thanks

  5. Beverly Guevara says

    Hello!! I really like your page and all the ideas you and your friends share with us. I love decoration and doing crafts. This post is really good!!! It gave me a lot of ideas for using the jars I have at home. Thank you!!!

    Lord Bless you!!!

    Beverly Guevara (Venezuela)

  6. Debra says

    How I can I find then pattern for the knitted covered canning jars.
    I have searched with no luck…..please help tks. Debra

    • fanny says

      Hi Debra read yr post, just had an idea you cud cut d sleeves of any old sweater n sew n use!!! Hope it helped take care

  7. says

    I love this – thank you – so many cute ideas that are frugal. Easter is upon us and I love giving new life to my home during the celebration, what fun it will be to use some of these ideas!

  8. says

    Denise, thanks for popping on over to my space earlier. It’s great to connect with you, too! I’ve been thinking for some time about joining the “sisterhood.” I was pleasantly surprised to find out you were affiliated with Sisters in Bloom.

  9. says

    I LOVe cute glass jars, especially Mason jars. My favorite idea on this list was using a glass jar as a storage container for a ball of yarn, with a hole punched in the lid…that is great. That certainly beats using a plastic bag for the same purpose ;) :) Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

  10. Kristi says

    Thanks so much for posting! I’m in the middle of wedding planning and these jar ideas work perfectly for my “shabby chic” themed wedding. All these ideas are so unique and beautiful! Thanks again!

  11. carmen gourlie says

    i am in LOVE with this whole post. I just recently bought 2 gingerbread corbels like the ones in the pictures and I was wondering how you attached them to the wall. Mine do not have any holes in them and I want to take your idea and make a shelf but I am needing some guidance on doing so. Thank you for your time and once again – adore everything!!!

  12. says

    I followed the link for the first picture to “Nautical Cottage Blog” but couldn’t find much information. I would like to know where that wire basket came from? Does anybody know? Are those quart or pint jars? I love this and would like a collection of these wire baskets for my wedding studio.

  13. says

    I have collected a ton of baby food jars hoping that I might find a use for them. I think I will arrange them on a nice platter similar to the “Redesign Interiors” picture (White candles in clear glasses). Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. says

    I’m a little late finding this post, but awesome! I have piles of jars that I’ve been saving, subconsciously knowing there were more interesting uses for them than recycling! :) I’m also going to experiment turning them into natural soy, essential oil scented candles! Love how you had pictures for each idea. Pictures are THE way to go! Lol. Thanks for providing such useful info! It was nice to ‘meet’ your little family, and also wonderful to know of a fellow Christian wife focused on her home and household! God bless! :-)


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