How To Make Any Color Furniture Work {My Lesson In Green}

I have sage green furniture. It bothers me that I have all my living room furniture matching! I didn’t really want a matching set, but when I purchased my furniture, it was a better deal to buy a ”set” of furniture.  I wish I wouldn’t have done it. (Live and let live!)

I really want more of an eclectic look in my house, where my furniture is more mixed up.  But for now I have to work with what I have. I do love the way the sage green color can work through all the seasons well. Green is a relaxing color and easy on the eye, and brings rest.

How To Accessorize

The tendency when decorating and choosing decor accents is to go out and try to find pillows or throws and decorative items to match our furniture exactly. Are you hearing me? I understand because I have done the same thing.

Have you ever gone to the store with your cushion or fabric in hand to try to match up the color? I know I have done that, and there is nothing wrong with matching exactly. However I want to open your mind to some other possibilities.

I notice lately that the greens in home decor today are much brighter and graphic then my sage green sofas and chairs.  So what do I do?  How can I work with what I have?

I start with some inspiration

I purchased this collection of green vase filler at Walmart right before the holidays. I  love the way this grouping of balls is a wonderful mix of colors and textures. ( A true lesson in decorating!)

Look how when you mix all shades of one color family you can make an interesting look that is not boring in the least.

You will see here in one collection, lime green, teal green, kelley green,  jungle green, and yes even my sage green is in there!  Then some white with texture and brown nubby stuff are thrown in the mix to keep it interesting.

I am taking all of these colors and textures and going to use them as my clues to start infusing my living room with a great variety of greens, whites and tans.

Can’t you see the brown interpreted in a sisal rug?  The white textured ball in a bouquet of white blooms?  The best part about this ONE color theme, is that I can add any other color for a new season. 

Picture beautiful blues or purples added to this mix for spring and summer.  And burnt oranges and reds for fall and winter. Are you with me here?

Playing with color is fun. This is how I do it in my home.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try something new. Anything can become your color inspiration.

Here is the start of my collection. In the photo above you can see my start of gathering potential items for my new color scheme. I found some great inexpensive items at TJ Maxx that will get me started, and I will continue to collect.  Some of these items I already owned. Yes I shop my own house!

I love pitchers and plates for decorating, so you can see I have started gathering shades of green and white.  I will tweak and pull out and add in all kinds of different elements that will end up decorating my living room.

What colors do you have in your house?

Are you stuck with furniture in a color you aren’t sure you should have chosen?

Maybe you can find a way to make it work!

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  1. says

    Ok…so NOW I know why I love your sight…soooooo much! Yep a gir lafter my own heart! Actually I think that your sage green couch may be related to mine…mine is (trust me) the older tired sister! I was just talking about making a slipcover for her…she is a lazyboy brand and looking worn BUT quite sturdy!
    I LOVE that I have a monocromatic color as my ol’ bungalow is NOT the largest of spaces…I accent with tan and a “bricky” red for the most part but love the adaptability to bring in vignettes of color with the seasons to lighten or warm up the space!
    I too love to shop at my own house…
    but…lol…I might have to come shopping at your place!

    • Denise says

      Well my furniture isn’t even very old, and maybe I will try to recover a piece or two someday. In the past I have tried some slipcovers, but with three busy boys, slipcovers are hard to keep looking neat. I have to say at least my furniture isn’t some odd pattern that is too busy, and the sage green is a neutral that is easy to work with. Thanks for sharing about your sister furniture to mine. Maybe we need to get them together! LOL


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