My Cottage – What Paint Color Did I Choose?

As you remember a month or so ago I asked for feedback on facebook, twitter,and here on the blog, asking what color I should paint my farmhouse, and gave you some of my ideas. I received a variety of answers, but there was one color that was suggested the most. I enjoyed hearing all the opinions and feedback. It was fun to see what you all suggested.

I heard everything from white, gray, yellow, tan, and “Paint it whatever pleases you”! What resounded most was to keep my color palette to a classic scheme, that would fit the era of my house. (over 100 yrs old)

I pondered about what I should do… I drove around many neighborhoods with my husband and looked for new inspiration… I took pictures of houses, but somehow seemed to keep being drawn to the same color.

Then… My hubby and I went for a Sunday drive because he wanted to show me an inspiration house. He said “I need to show you this…its classic.” So here ya have it!

The color of choice is yellow…

My pictures don’t do this house justice. This farmhouse sits up on a hill and in front of it is a large grape vineyard. Its very stunning in person. We stopped to take a picture and the homeowners were outside. I asked if they minded if I took a picture and they were more than willing to oblige. They even told me the exact color of their house! (It is a Benjamin Moore yellow from their historic color collection.)

I knew after seeing this wonderfully classic farmhouse, that I would paint my house yellow with crisp white trim. I immediately came home and bought the paint samples and tried it out on some siding pieces. And of course there will always be a red door on my house!

So…Why did I choose yellow?

1. We live in Washington state where we have a lot of rainy gray days. I wanted something cheerful and bright throughout the year.

2. I love happy warm colors, and yellow represents that feeling very well.

3. Its classic and fits the era of my house.

4. Its a welcoming color.

5. I listened to what people said. When I asked the question… “when you think of a farmhouse what color do you think of?” The number one color I heard was yellow and second to it was white.

So thank you for your feedback and to those that didn’t suggest yellow. That’s okay, I love a lot of colors and all the suggestions were good ones!

QuickTip: Are you considering color choices for your home? You might want to take a look at your demographic location, your neighborhood, your personal taste, and the style and era of your home. Most of all paint it with colors YOU like and that inspire you!

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  1. ~ Lisa ~ says

    YAY…. my country home is yellow…. and I am one of the folks that suggested yellow. I am in love with yellow houses. I've always loved them. Thing is… my front door is white and now I am considering to paint it red. You got me thinking RED now…. darn it. Should I… ? Can you share your color of red? I just might have to do the same thing!

  2. Denise says

    Hi Lisa,
    The door color I have now is a water based stain that I purchased at Home Depot. I am unsure of the color. It is more of a barn red.

    What I am going to do now, is a Benjamin Moore color called Dinner Party. They had several good reds. I chose Dinner Party because I wanted a little deeper red.

    Go for it. Have fun painting your door red, and send me pics and show me!

  3. ~ Lisa ~ says

    Thanks Denise…. I am going to get a sample and see if I can convince my husband to AGREE… he will have to agree… cuz if Mama ain't happy…ain't nobody happy right? Thanks for the info on the door color and for sharing all your information…. love, love, love your blog ♥

  4. Faith says

    beautiful! The paint color for the exterior is so important. It really sets the course for the whole house. If you get it right, you can do the rest with confidence. Woohoo!
    Hope to see you at Relevant!

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