Homemaking Tips

8 homemade spring cleaning recipes

Have you ever thought of making your own homemade spring cleaning recipes? a few years ago, that was the furthest thing from my mind, but over the last couple years as a mom I had a growing concern about the toxic chemicals that I was using to clean my home. Soon I became weary of… 

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10 household uses for salt

As you know I am all about finding simple everyday items for multiple uses in my home. Just like vinegar, baking soda and lemons, the uses for salt are varied for housekeeping needs. I thought it would be fun to share with you some ways you can use simple table salt as a household helper. 10… 

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Natural Health & Beauty Tips

Healthy ginger tea with lemon and honey on table close-up

Honey Lemon Ginger Tea For Colds

Want a quick natural remedy for boosting your immunities this season?  This honey lemon ginger tea for colds will help relieve your throat and … [Read More...]

overcoming adhd naturally

Overcoming ADHD Naturally

*I felt compelled to repost this story today to help someone out there who needs hope for their children. For many of you there is no way in … [Read More...]

Home Decor Ideas

finding contentment in home

Finding Contentment When Home Doesn’t Look Like A Magazine

Finding contentment can be a long and hard road for some of us. Especially when we love to decorate our homes. Don't you just love to look through … [Read More...]

fall natural simmering pot recipes

5 Natural Aroma Simmering Pot Recipes

This is the perfect time of year to make your own natural aroma simmering pot recipes. With fall and winter we tend to move indoors more and adding … [Read More...]

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Faith & Family Life


8 Simple Ways To Cultivate Gratitude In Kids

It can be challenging to cultivate gratitude in kids. Have you noticed when you are around a person that is full of joy and gratitude that you can’t … [Read More...]

quick and easy harvest costume ideas

Quick & Easy Harvest Costume Ideas

Are you planning on attending any Harvest parties, or Hallelujah Nights?  Maybe you need some last minute harvest costume ideas? No worries.  It can … [Read More...]

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From the Kitchen

8 ways to get kids to eat healthy

8 Ways To Get Kids To Eat Healthy

It can be tricky to find ways to get kids to eat healthy especially if you have picky eaters.  With today's convenience foods and easy fast meals, … [Read More...]

cooking with coconut oil

Tips and Benefits of Cooking with Coconut Oil

I love using coconut oil in the kitchen.  As you know, coconut oil is such an incredible product for beauty and health, and can be used to nourish the … [Read More...]

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Seasons & Celebrations

spring nest

This past week here in the Northwest the climate and environment has taken a turn toward Spring.  The birds have begun their chirping, the grass is so lush and green around here and I am feeling blessed by this glorious season of new birth.  The trees are budding, but nothing is blooming on our property,… 

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How To Make A Jute Webbing Basket

I couldn’t wait to show you this fun new project! I am now in love with jute webbing. I whipped up this quick and easy jute webbing basket within about 30 minutes and for only $7.00!  It just doesn’t get much better than that. The ideas for filling this basket are endless. Flowers, craft and… 

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