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12 holiday drink mix recipes

From the Kitchen

12 holiday drink mix recipes

12 Holiday Drink Mix Recipes To Give & Enjoy!

I love the holiday season with hot chocolate, chai tea, and the smell of wassail on the stove. I also love making homemade gifts from my kitchen that … [Read More...]

chocolate fudge meringue cookies

Chocolate Fudge Meringue Cookies (gluten free)

This past year our family has converted to being a completely gluten free household. Even though I had been eating gluten free for a couple years, … [Read More...]

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Natural Health & Beauty Tips

Healthy ginger tea with lemon and honey on table close-up

Honey Lemon Ginger Tea For Colds

Want a quick natural remedy for boosting your immunities this season?  This honey lemon ginger tea for colds will help relieve your throat and … [Read More...]

overcoming adhd naturally

Overcoming ADHD Naturally

*I felt compelled to repost this story today to help someone out there who needs hope for their children. For many of you there is no way in … [Read More...]

Faith & Family Life

taking time for silent nights

Take Time For Silent Nights

If there was anything I need to learn more during this season, it is to take time for silent nights.  I have to be honest that as I look at the … [Read More...]


8 Simple Ways To Cultivate Gratitude In Kids

It can be challenging to cultivate gratitude in kids. Have you noticed when you are around a person that is full of joy and gratitude that you can’t … [Read More...]

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Home & DIY

Fresh red cranberries with leaves in basket

14 Themed Gift Basket Ideas

There is nothing that says "Christmas" like a tailor-made present.  I have put together for you 14 themed gift basket ideas to get your creative … [Read More...]

stocking the fall pantry

Stocking A Pantry For Fall :: My Favorites

Fall is an excellent time to stock a pantry for the busy season ahead. By filling up the shelves ahead for autumn season you won’t only save money but … [Read More...]

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